June 15, 2024

FACTS of Gender Based Violence

This is no longer a private matter to be ignored Gender Based Violence is a DISEASE and can be classified as an INTERNATIONAL PANDEMIC and the CURE is standing united to fight the PANDEMIC like our lives depend on it.
Gender Based Violence is 80% under reported. This means if you take the 41 000 rapes reported, times by 5 which are over 200 000 rapes. 1 in 3 women experience Gender Based Violence.
Gender Based Violence contribute to 1% loss to South Africas’ GDP per year! The total loss equate to R 40 – 50 Billion per year.
The loss include increase in health cost, lack of justice for the individual and family, loss in individual earnings, loss in business revenue and taxes due to the victims absence (physical and emotional) and second generation costs, which are the children witnessing and living with violence which contribute to the increase of juvenile and eventually adult crime.
All contributed by the emotional and physical turmoil experienced by the victim, not just on the day of the abuse but weeks, months and even years.
Reasons for being under reported include:
1. The VIOLENCE being committed by someone close to the individual.
2. The SHAME of the women or children involved.
3. The FEAR of speaking out as it is someone trusted.
4. It is RIFE in the rural areas.
Classification of Gender Based Violence:
1. Assault.
2. Murder and Attempted Murder.
3. Rape
4. Emotional Assault and Manipulation.
5. Financial Assault and Manipulation.
A study was conducted by KPMG in 2014 and due to the brunt being carried by individuals and families is it alarming that not more is done.
The economic impact is significant not just to the victims and families but also the private sector, government and civil society.
The key indicator on the crime statistics released, forgot to mention that there is always a victim behind the crime that has been committed and a family which has been significantly impacted physically, emotionally and financially.
We have become accustomed (habituation) to seeing crimes being committed daily due to the reach of SOCIAL MEDIA. Which becomes the norm after hearing or seeing a situation or image / logo numerous times.
Our society is turning a blind eye and just deem it as another statistic (habituation).
Be conscious of changing the norm by any cost to see the impact in the long term.
Not to mention the fear, anxiety and rejection experienced.
It is TIME to #StandUnitedSA


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