May 18, 2024

StandUnitedSA Shared Services Platform

Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision



Serve as a bridge between communities and local government, in order to facilitate and enhance delivery of municipal services to our members.



Our Mission



Provide a shared service platform where member forums can report any unresolved community issues, which will be escalated to the relevant service agency or department via their Ward Councillor, and followed up until resolved.



Our Values



As an Organization and those we reach in partnership with, conform and adhere to the

(EPIC Principles) Ethical, Purpose Driven, Impact Conscious & Committed to Service Leadership.


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Our Pillars


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The StandUnitedSA shared services platform provides a channel of communication from the community to municipal service delivery agencies, Ward Councillors and stakeholders.


South Africa is experiencing an exponential increase in poor service delivery. Recent statistics suggests 43 municipalities, over and above the 87 already red-flagged by government, are in the danger zone of collapse.


The inherent problem in addressing these issues is two fold.


1.Communities do not unite in order to find solutions to solve the issues.


2.There are no tools available to tackle service delivery problems as a collective.


The StandUnitedSA team has over 80 years experience in community project work.


StandUnitedSA has developed a unique product offering which is aimed at equipping communities across South Africa to address Government service delivery issues and assigning accountability.


The Shared Service Management Platform is a powerful tool because it is able to address the nine government service delivery Silo’s in one platform.


StandUnitedSA aims to make this platform accessible to all communities, ward councillors and stakeholders in South Africa within the next three years.







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